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March 2010: We have visited 3 schools: Haputale TV No. 1, Roehampton TV and Nayabedde TV No. 2. All schools have damages on buildings (walls, floors, roofs), toilets, watertanks. Furtheron we have seen heavy damages in a hall of the Tamil College Haputale which needs to be totally renewed.

1. Roehampton TV

Roehampton Tamil Vidiyalayam has three buildings. Ten teachers teaching 175 students of grades 1-9. There are several damages on the roof, toilets, doors, windows and water supply.


2. Haputale TV No. 1

This elementary school of Haputale Tamil Vidiyalayam No. 1 has two buildings with 100 students from grade 1-5. Toilets, pipes and spring are overgrown by weed and roots. Pits are full. Rain pipes and tabs are missing. Windows are damaged. Children like to have a net to play netball.


3. Nayabedde TV No. 2

The elementary school of Nayabedde Tamil Vidiyalayam has a single hall with 3 classrooms and an office. There are 5 teachers and 109 students of grade 1-5. A protected spring is 700 m away but pipes have lot of damages by wild animals and people. Cause of this water never comes to the school and big tank is empty. We are looking for a solution either by rain water from the roof or a second line outside around the village. The children like to have a playing-ground.