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Projekte 2008
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Blackwood No.1 Tamil Vidyalaya

First visit in June 2007

At 20. June 2007 the "Children Park Fund" organizer Dias visited this school which has started in the year 1929 under the principal Thiyagaraj. In present time Mrs. J. Velautham is the principal. This school has now 11 teachers and 219 students seperated in two buildings from grade 1-9. Dias came to know that this school is the most cleanest school in the area. The ground was well swept, lot of colourful flowers in the beds and no any dump all around. Would there be an award for environmental protection it should be given to this school.

The welcoming here was heartly, polite and friendly. A pleasure to find and support this school. It has been built on a steepy hang with less space to play. Only this small ground between the world map and the water tank has enough place to install two toys. It was the wish of the vice principal that they would like to have here a double-swing and a climbing tower. Total exspected costs are 350 Euro. Installation shall be in February 2008.

Donation Report 2008 and Opening Ceremony

Everything was well arranged but cause of a shortcomings of lorries the instalation started with one day delay. But there was another reason to be happy cause Perera Lallans gave the old prices while the prices on the new list were about 4,000 SLR higher each climbing tower and double-swing.

At 10. February 2008, 9:30 AM came the Lallans lorry from Ratnapura. All the helpers, students and school staff who have been invited for the day before were missing. But there were some children around the school building who have been send out to inform the parents and call some men. Soon Dias got some more helpers. Together with the Lallans workers and the 3-wheel-driver Sanath they took up the double-swing, the climbing tower, all tools, sand, metal and cement to the playground. This year Dias has decided to take a smaler tower than in Thotulagala cause they have the better and safer size for primary school students.

While most of the young men just stood around, there were some realy good workers doing hard and good work. Like the old man who mixed the cement with metal and sand and the local trade union man who managed all works and send away the corious onlookers. He made a simple canal from the leaky water tank around the yard to protect the bases of the toys. Quite fast all toys were fixed in correct positions. The Lallans workers gave a last painting to the toys.

The opening started 5 days later on Friday, 15. February 2008. With Dias and Oliver came this time the journalist Sritharan from Megasoft Computer Systems, also Gisela, a german visitor from Bentota and again the 3-wheel-driver Sanath. Arranged or not, there was a speaker of the education department to welcome all with a friendly speach. His way to talk about two Sri Lankas or not gave some disturbance to the guests and school staff. Soon he changed the topic and tried to use his change to ask for more help when he got stopped by some questions about the responsibilities of the education department. Suddenly he was very quiet.

Thereafter everything became better and more friendly. The children took Gisela, Dias and Oliver by the hands and up to the new children park. They had to shake lot of hands while surrounded by smiling kids who did not like to wait for the end of the ceremony. Later they were asked by the teachers to stand beside the double-swing and the climbing tower. After a short speech by the vice-principle, Oliver and the vice-principal asked a boy and a girl to come to the double-swing to open it as first. Slowly, very carefully they made some first swings but did not know well, how to move there legs and keep the balance. Watching from some distance but more and more curious, the other children came closer and closer. They pushed there classmates higher and higher and waited for there chance to be the next one the swing. Meanwhile some other kids climbed on and inside the pyramid tower. After some short words of thanks with the teachers, Oliver, Gisela and Dias sad good-bye but the kids were so busy that they did not notice it. All the shaking hands, laughing and smiling faces before and during the ceremony were more than enough thanks at this special day.


Donations for the Blackwood Children Park by

Dilhar, Colombo, Sri Lanka..: 25 Euro

Oliver, Kiel, Germany ............: 95 Euro

Phil+Kathrin, Kiel, Germany: 50 Ruro

Magnus, Schweiz ...............: 135 Euro

The total project costs were 45,890 SLR or 305 Euro.

A double-swing 19,260 SLR, a pyramid climbing tower 21,160 SLR, transport 3,000 SLR, cement, sand and metals 2,250 SLR, workers, food, etc. 1,200 SLR.




Wiharagalla Tamil Vidiyalaya School

History (principal letter)

"This school begun its sincere service during the year 1924 for the betterment of the tea plantation children. There are about 106 children obtain their education at present who are the children of estate workers being employed on Wiharagalla estate who belongs to the list of poor and poorest as the parents of the children were daily paid workers. They undergo immence hardships in purchasing their education instruments. There are six teachers and a volunteer serve at our school. Even thought our school plays a vital rol in tamil medium instruction we teach also the common language english and national language singhala. Our children took part in various competitions in all three languages and won so many prices too. There are classes from grade 1-5 at our school and they were able to gain scholarships for the last ten years period from Govt. for grade 5 scholarship exam.

It is also proud to be informed that our children took part in various athletic games and won so many prices even thought we do not have a playground. There is some inconvenience to have a playground near to the school as it is a rocky area. However, if there is a terracing wall there can be a playingground introduced." (principal)


A pyramid climbing tower for Wiharagalla

The "Children Park Fund" organizer WSM Dias visited this school in June 2007 and came to know that all above mentioned area details are correct. This school lies and steepy, rocky ground and has only a small yard which is suitable to install a climbing tower as wished by the principal. Dias asked the principal to speak with the parents of the children to fill up the level of the ground 1-2 feet with soil. A terracing wall could stop the lost of soil after heavy rainfalls. All this is neccessary to fix the climbing tower and protect the children. Installation shall be in February 2008. Exspected costs to install a climbing tower 200 Euro. Another 200 Euro could be a good help to set a terracing wall. From all visited schools this one seems to be the only school in Haputale area without a schoolyard.


Donation Report February 2008 - A great Opening Day

As arranged between WSM Dias and the Lallans company from Ratnapura they have delivered a pyramid climbing tower and a double-swing at 10th. February 2008 for the Wiharagala primary school. The more expensive idea to set a small terrace has been stopped to donate a second toy. In this time Dias came to know that the principal Mahalingam got seriously ill by diabetes and was unable to find the volunteers Dias asked for to do the final works. Cause this school has been build on rocks there was no suitable place to install the toys in the present time by the Lallans workers. Even in his terrible situation (lost much weight, powerless and tired) Mahalingam asked for an opening date and arranged two young men to install the toys.

In this year there were only two A-Level students from Haputale area who got graduated for the university and Mahalingam was much happy to inform Dias that his daughter was one of them. The second student came from Thotulagala, Dias home village.

At 20. February 2008, the Navam Full Moon Poya Day, Dias came for the opening ceremony. With him came his son Promodh, his brother-in-law Mustafa, Oliver and the wheel-driver Sanath. The expenses of preparation was unexspectedly and so extensive as they were exspecting a minister. The most friendly welcoming started at the beginning of the large stair which is going up to the school buildings. The vice principal and the secretary hang some beautiful decorated chains with colourful flowers over the necks of Oliver, Dias and Mustafa.There were well dressed teachers in Sari´s around a table with a tray. On this tray were small dishes with cremes to place bindi´s on the foreheads of every guest. Both sides alongside the steps were lot of boys and girl in school uniforms with selfmade, colourful paper flags welcoming the guests.

Behind the first building they found the double-swing decorated with balloons. A tape of golden paper was infront of this. A teacher came with a looped scissors on a tray and asked Oliver to open the band and he kept a piece for his memory. Thereafter they asked some boys and girls to sit down and open the swings. It was a pleasure to see how carefully this kids made there first swings on it. Later the teachers and students went to the climbing tower which has been installed some steps up behind the office. From this place visitors can overview the southern plains of Sri Lanka as well as the A4 road down to Beragala. To open this tower Dias gave his place and asked principal Mahalingam to do this in the name of his school. It were moments of worries to see how difficult it was for Mahalingam to walk this few meters only but lot of people came to help him. It was like he wished nothing else but once again to fulfil his duty for his school. Again a teacher came with a scissor on a tray. Some more balloons were on this tower. In this moment there were lot of students, all the school staff, parents and workers around this place when Mahalingam opened the band and they gave a special applause only for him. When asked to climb with their flags on the tower the boys run and everybody tried to be the first on the top. Later the girls got the same chance and Oliver too.

Meanwhile Mahalingam went back to a little hall but not to rest. There were lot of chairs where the students, teachers, parents and workers took place and some had to stand even. At the frontside was a long table for Dias, Mustafa, Oliver, principle Mahalingam, his vice principle and secretary. Dias son Promodh didn´t need to sit cause he made lot of photos from all the activities.

Mahahalingam´s condition gave more and more worries but it was his strict advise and wish to go on even when he felt much tired. The welcome speech have been done by the vice principle and the secretary. An oil lamp got lightened between. Dias and Oliver were asked to handover certificates to some students for there special actifities during a hindu cultural program. Thereafter Dias spoke in the name of all donators and the "Children Park Fund" - thanking the workers, the big number of present parents, the great work of the students and teachers for all the decorations and finally to thanks Mahalingam who made such a great job in his serious situation. The englisch teacher (who put the bindi´s) found some friendly words of thanks for Dias and Oliver to explain the thanks of the school. The sad help from June 2007 came within 8 months very fast for this remoted school. Finally all guests were invited for a privat talk, some sweets, biscuits, tea and fruits.

This was the most impressive, kindliest and warm-hearted opening of a children park Dias and Oliver ever had since they have started to help the Haputale schools in remoted areas.


Donations for the Wiharagalla Children Park by

Dilhar, Colombo, Sri Lanka.....: 25 Euro

Oliver, Kiel, Germany ...............: 65 Euro

Jörg, Kiel, Germany .................: 15 Euro

Grunert, Germany, Wheels ..... : 1 Euro

Frank, Windhagen, Germany . : 3 Euro

Myriam, Frankfurt, Germany. : 12 Euro

Magnus, Switzerland.............: 135 Euro

Another 70 Euro came from several guesthouses, taxi-drivers and shops from Haputale.

Highcliffe Hotel, Bar&Restaurant:1,400 SLR

Sri Lak View Holiday Inn: 1,000 SLR

Each 700 SLR from Hyacinth Cottage, CuesTa Inn, Royal Top Rest Inn, Farah Guest Inn, Bawa Guesthouse, Amarasinghe Guesthouse, Dias Rest, Mountfield (Haldumulla), Loga Website Internet Cafe, Renuka Video Center, 3-Wheel Driver Sanath (Sherwood) and Van Driver Raheem.

The total project costs were 326 Euro or 49,870 SLR.

A double-swing 19,260 SLR, a pyramid climbing tower 21,160 SLR, transport 3,000 SLR, cement, sand and metals 2,250 SLR, workers, food, etc. 4,200 SLR.