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Thotulagala School and Pre-School

The first playing ground with a double-swing and a double-seasaw has been opened at 27th. February 2007 at the elementary school in Thotulagala, 4 km east from Haputale. Supported by parents, students and locals we had to clean 200 m² school ground from thorny bushes and rocks. Coordinates: 6°46'29.72" N, 80°58'45" E.

Total project cost 46,000 SLR. 36,800 SLR for the toys and 9,200 SLR for transport, workers, fixing and volunteers meals, have been financed by donations.

Each 600 SLR have been donated by

1. White Monkey - Dias Rest
2. Cuesta-Inn
3. Hyacinth Cottage
4. Amarasinghe Guesthouse
5. Farah Guest Inn
6. Bawa Guesthouse
7. Highcliffe
8. Sri Lak View
9. Mountfield Estate
10. Website Link Communication Cyber Cafe
11. Megasoft Computers Institute
12. Bawa Textils
13. Rasiri Bakery
14. Mr. Ralahami, Van- and taxi Service
15. Mr. Ajith Priyantha, 3-Wheel driver
16. Sri Lanka Saloon

Each 450 SLR have been donated by

17. Belle View Guesthouse
18. Royal Top Rest Inn

Photo: Mr. Raja (Adisham Road), his father, wife and daughters. A donation about 5,300 SLR for transport came from Mr. Raja Ananda Kumarasiri, Secretary of SLFP Haputale Electorate (rec. by Urban Council Chairman and SLFP Chief Organiser Sumith Samayadasa).

A donation about 30,200 SLR came from E. Oliver (Germany).

It was a big fun and unforgetable day to open the playing-ground with all the children and teachers of the Tamil Kanista Vidyalaya School Thotulagala. To see the shining eyes of the children, to experience the thanks of so many small hands, that was a great day We hope to go on same way in 2008.

Thanks a lot to all donators and all people who supported this project and my efforts to build up this Haputale Homepage successfully.

Yours truly,
Children Park Fund
WSM. Dias
E. Oliver


Photo 1: Organizer WSM Dias, Thotulagala Principal K. Somasundaram, Math teacher Mohan.

Photo 2-6: Ute and Lothar, Vice-Chairman Namasayam, many volunteers, teachers, students and some workers helped us to clean the ground.

Photo 7-8: Opening of the Thotulagala playing ground at the 27th. February 2007.


2. A climbing tower at Thotulagala school has been donated in June 2007 by

Magnus, Switzerland: 85 Euro
Oliver, Germany ____: 80 Euro

Dias, math teacher Mohan and 3 workers are fixing the climbing tower.


3. Historical School Report

History of Thotulagala Tamil Kanista Vidyalaya

1925 Established this school with 20 students in a small building include the teachers quarters. Mr. S. Ramasamy was the first headmaster of this school.

1934-1950 In this year Mr. NSP Nathan came as new headmaster to teach the students from 8:00-12:00 o´clock. After 12 o´clock he worked in the estate office till 4 pm. He worked last 16 years as a teacher and clerk. He developed the school building and furnitures with his services.

1937 The british emporer George had a function in this year. All the time the estate school students and estate people gave a great co-operation to get successful. Therefore the estate management handover prizes to the school students.

1948 Collected Rs 2.00 from the parents salary for each student and deposit to the bank. This activities have been organized by the principal.

1950 In this year two new teachers (Mr. S. Kanaragatnam/Mrs. Arunthathy Kanaragatnam) came and join with Mr. NSP Nathan´s management as Asst. Teachers.

1950-1977 When Mr. Nathan got a transfer Mr. Kanaragatnam appointed as a principal in this school.

1954 The government announced all estate schools should be come under the government rules and regulation. But the estate management didn´t like to handover building, furnitures and facilities.

1956 The estate Trade Union gave a kind request through the estate manager to the principal for those who are uneducated youth in this area. The teachers should teach the students from 6 pm – 8 pm. The estate management gave extra salary and other helps to the teachers for this activities.

1977 Registered as a government school. In this period Mr. S. Kanaragatnam was an intelligent principal. He did a great job. When he retired his once better half (wife) appointed as a principal within one year. She also did her job in a good way.

1978-1992 In 1978 the great popular person Mr. S. K. Sathasiram appointed as a principal to this school. When he took over this school there were 3 teachers, 3 volunteer teachers and 85 students.

Due to the increase of number of rool principal Sathasiram took part for a good achievement each on every circumstances. He got a lot of teachers and got a permission from the Education Department to start the upper classes. He tried to promote this school to become a Maha Vidyalaya during his period.

While Sathasiram worked as a principal he conducted with two parliament ministers (W.J.M. Lukkubanda, H.S. Thondaman). Through this fund principal Sathasiram put on two buildings. One was the main hall, the other one was a small mini lab.

1986 In this year the new G.C.E. O/L 18 students sat for their final examination through this school but they couldn´t get a good result because there were no teacher resources.

1987 In this year 7 students participated for the G.C.E. O/L exam. One student got though with math subject. Thereafter the out of students presentation increasing day by day.

1989 This school got registered as a Kanista Vidyalaya. After this a seperate building has been built up near the lake side place. One of many good reason´s the locals never forget principal S.K. Sathasiram great activities for this school. He retired 1992 from this school.

1992-2000 Mr. R. Ransanathan appointed as principal to this school. He also did a great job during his services.

2000-2007 Mr. K. Somasundaram has been the principal of the school who spent lot of energy to develope this school. During his period most of the G.C.E. O/L students got through their final examination.

In this year 2006 the school won the cultural programmes in the provincial wise.

2006-2007 Due to principal Somasundaram´s attempt a new building for the computer unit, a lab and three new class rooms has been built up at the primary section neat the lake site place. Now the school staff hopes for the help by the Education Department for all shortages to offer a better and higher education especially with the new lab and computer units.

2007 Principal K. Somasundaram and his vice principal Mr. V. Varatharajah are trying to get all the school function in one side area at the lake side (Lotos pond), 700 m distance from the old school buildings. Cause of the distance there are allways problems for the school management and administration.

2007 Mr. WSM Dias, organizer of the the "Children Park Fund" Haputale has donated a playing-ground with a double-swing, a double-seasaw and a climbing tower to the primary section school at the lake.

2008 After retirement of his predecessor Mr. V. Varatharajah took place as the new principal of the school.


4. Support for a new Pre-School in Thotulagala

Till summer 2007 the pre-school with 36 children and two volunteers has been in a rented building. The owner of the rented building took it back for own needs. For the moment all children found a new place in the close by Hindu temple but this can´t be for longer because the priests need the silence and space for their ceremonies. Another building can be used as pre-school but it has only walls. Roof, windows, doors, floors, plastering, water supply and toilet are missing. 7,000 SLR have been collected from the parents and neighbours.

By the way: Only one of the volunteers get´s a monthly payment of 1,250 SLR (8 Euro) by the parents. A minimum of 5,000 SLR for each of the volunteers would be much better but there is no support from governmental sides and the parents live it such poor situation that they are not willing to give more.

Meanwhile the provincial council confirmed to support this pre-school project with 107,000 SLR for the roof. The roof has been fixed thereafter. Another 25,000 SLR for the floor plastering came after the engagement of Pradeseeya Sabhawa vice chairman S K. Namasivanam (Justice of Peace). The floor plastering has been done (except toilet). At 24. February 2008 the Red Cross Badulla has send some workers to dig out the waste water pit in this rocky underground. Dias found a small corner with water behind the building and sad it could be a spring giving enough water for the toilet. There are lot of rocks at the backyard they have to remove first. Later this backyard could be used for a children park and playing ground. A climbing tower for this reason came already by Oliver. Also we have to set a wall to keep the kids away from the road.

WSM Dias signed responsible for all the works but got now some financial problems because the UC paid 70,000 SLR only. Minus 39,000 SLR! What a nuisance that a given word has no any worth in this country and a simple day labourer comes in trouble to find an peaceful arrangement with the suppliers and the bank!

Foreighn donations by

343,75 Euro - Sri Lanka Forum Calender 2009
240,50 Euro - Realschule Lahnstein Class 6 D
215,75 Euro - Petra W., SLF
150,00 Euro - Oliver
138,00 Euro - Climbing Tower (Oliver)
165,00 Euro - Colette, UK
100,00 Euro - Magnus, Switzerland
80,00 Euro - Inge, Germany
33,00 Euro - Jens, Ravensburg, Germany
33,00 Euro - Zoe/Mireille, Switzerland
22,00 Euro - Jörg, Germany
10,00 Euro - Krause, Germany
6,65 Euro - Chintakan, Colombo
3,35 Euro - Helena, Slovenia

Meanwhile all work has been done. And here is the result.

5. Godparents for our Pre-School

We have the idea to find 4 godparents to support the pre-school volunteers and children. Each 20 Euro monthly would be a good and needful help to support the two volunteers who have by now 4 Euro income only. Also we would like to give 20 Euro for toys and minor repairs. And another 20 Euro for the needs of the children. They need books, pens, paper, scissors, glues, colors, etc. Please contact WSM Dias of the Children Park Fund incase you are interested to help the Thotulagala pre-school.




Kahagalla Tamil Vidyalaya School


This school started on the 1st. January 1948. Mr. Isec was the first principal and there was a total number of 25 students. After that from 1963-1983 Mr. A. Sathasivam was the principal with a total number of 85 students. From 1st. September 1983 up to date Mr. E. Marimuthu is the principal with 120 students in the year 2007.

A Children Park for Kahagalla 

At 12th. February 2007 Dias has visited the primary school in Kahagala Estate. There are 6 teachers and 120 students. The old school building is close to the temple, the newer building on a hill in about 200 m distance. There is as small ground and steepy hang infront and a little hill behind the new school with enough place for 2-3 toys. Another bigger ground is in some hundred meter distance but to far away for the short breaks. The school staff had the idea to built the children park close to the new school building.

Donations for the Kahagalla Children Park 2007 by

Jan, Germany_____: 100 Euro
Andrea, Germany___: 40 Euro
Magnus, Switzerland: 88 Euro
Lothar, Germany ___: 25 Euro
Jörg, Germany_____: 30 Euro
Oliver, Germany____: 12 Euro

Double-swing: 120 Euro. Double Sea-saw: 125 Euro. Transport from Ratnapura: 25 Euro. Workers  and fixing: 25 Euro.

Up: Old school and kovil in the valley.- Down: New School on hilltop.


Final Report July 2007

Early morning in middle of June 2007 I came to meet a friend of Dias in Ratnapura at Lallans Sports Goods. Fast they made all the papers for a double-swing, a double-seasaw and a standard pyramide tower. Total costs 430 Euro inclusive transport and fixing. The manager Jayasinghe and two of Lallans workers came with us. They fixed all toys on the load area of their own lorry. Within 4 hours we drove to Haputale and Thotulagala. Cause of the heavy rodworks on the new A4 from Colombo to Badulla it took so much time. We had a lunch at Dias home in Thotulagala and unloaded the tower for the local school. After a good lunch we drove on to the primary school of Kahagalla Estate.

A big crowd of children and young men welcomed us. They run down to the lorry to unload the parts of the toys and helped us to bring them to the cleaned area. It was the good groundwork of the „Children Park Fund“ organizer WSM Dias who made so many phone calls and personal visits. The teachers have decided to bring the hang infront of the school on level. A good choice. Teachers and people from neighbour buildings have here a good overview and control to protect the children and the toys.

It was our good luck that we had workers of Lallans with us because we got less by the parents. Understandable because we arrived at a time when most workers are in the estates. They equilibrated the toys with spirit level and plummet, fixed the chairs, braces the posts with cement, stones and iron bars. Dias managed some refreshments for his little helpers.

Dias understood the wish of the children to use the toys right now but they had to wait some days till the cement got dry. Meanwhile some young men promised to watch well for this playing-ground.

The following Monday was a rainy day so we came back on Thursday 21st. June to overhand the children park. Again a big crowd of children came to welcome us and shaked our hands. A hard work to do cause they accept only the right hand for welcomings.

With the principal Marimuthu Dias made all the papers for the official overhanding and got a small report about the history of the school. All the children came out and stood around the toys when they asked me to remove the covers from the swings. The vice principal and teachers asked some children to sit down and swing. Others went to the seasaw and made their first experiences. Here I understood it was the first time for most of them. They did not know how to use them so we gave them first instruction. At the end I saw some elder people coming out from their houses to look what´s going on.

For me this was a good day and I´m happy with everything. With the good help of WSM Dias and the children we could do all this so fast. After this good experience I like to go on to support the „Children Park Fund“ project. Next schools Dias likes to help are in Blackwood and Wiharagalla.

Oliver, 2. July 2007

Top: Loading at Lallans Sports Goods in Ratnapura. Installation. Organizer WSM Dias and Lallans Manager BDA Lankaratna.
Middle: Opening ceremony of the children park with Oliver, Dias and all the students.
Down: Students say good-bye from the new double-swing and double seasaw.